How To Load Your Removal Van


Moving house is considered to be one of the toughest things a person can go through in their lifetime. If you’ve done it before, you’re going to know all about it, the unavoidable stresses and strains that come with the process. All of this largely depends on how much you’re moving of course and how experienced is the man and van London service you are using. But home removals really is a massive undertaking. The process is especially tough if you’re moving in or around London. As the capital, London is a busy, hectic city. Trying or organise a move in amongst the busyness and the goings on of city life can prove to be a hard task in itself.

The same can be said for office removals in London. In fact, many would say that moving office is even tougher than house removals. That’s because what you’re essentially doing, is hiring a man with a van company to move your entire business to new premises in London. You need to minimise any disruption to your business activities and to the lives of your employees. You need to keep any downtime to an absolute minimum. Trying to keep all of this in mind when sorting out office moving can prove to be a hard task in itself.

Whether you’re moving your business or family in London, chances are you’re going to require the professional moving services of an expert man and van company in London. There are some who start out thinking that they’re going to move by themselves, without any help. That’s possible if it’s a seriously small-scale move. But then they realise that professional man and van services are the only option. Although, having said that, there is one other option. That is hiring a removal van.

You can choose to hire a man with a van and or team of movers to help load everything into it and get you on your way. Or you could just hire a van and do all the lifting yourself. It’ll take more effort but will save you cash because you won’t be paying for professional help.

Believe it or not, there’s an art to loading a moving van and every reliable London man and van company knows it. It’s not just a case of bunging everything in, getting on the road and crossing your fingers, hoping for the best. Approach your move in this manner and you can pretty much expect to turn up at your new place, unload everything and find a load of damaged items. That won’t be the best way to start life in your new property.

  • Try and take things apart or make them as small as possible. Dismantle furniture whenever possible so that you have more space. If you’re unscrewing things, it’s a good idea to make labels or even take pictures so that you know how to put it all back together.


  • When loading the moving van, start with the big items first. Always start with the big, heavy, sturdy items of furniture. You may need to strap them in. Do this first, and then you’ll be able to fit the smaller items in around them. The hope is, that do this, get this out of the way first, and then everything else such as boxes and containers will just slot into place. It also helps to just get all of the heavy lifting out of the way. Start off with these items, then the moving boxes and smaller stuff will seem like breeze.


  • Don’t stack the load too high. Remember, whatever you load, you’re going to have to unload when you’re at your new place. Ensure you’re able to do this, get to items and safely take them off the moving van. Don’t load them in such a way so that they’re going to be too high or inaccessible when it comes to unloading.


  • When packing the big, heavy items first, ensure you distribute the load evenly across the van. Be sure you don’t exceed the moving vehicle’s load capacity. It’s a number that’s been set for a reason.


  • Pack items such as clothes and bedsheets in bags. Load these bags onto the removal van last. If need be, they can be stuffed into any remaining space.


Secure your items as best as possible. Most man and van companies have removal vans with straps to help secure items down. Use them. Also, use things such as mattresses as padding, in case any delicate items were to fall.